Helping students successfully transition from college to promising careers in business.

The Frazier Scholars program provides career development support and financial assistance to college students who are pursuing their bachelor’s degree in Business or Economics. The program offers mentorship, sponsored internships, and connections to prospective employers through our Frazier network of professionals; all of whom are well-known and well-respected individuals throughout various communities nationwide.  Additionally, the Frazier Scholars program helps remove financial barriers that prevent full participation in higher education. Beginning junior year, students may be eligible to receive up to $2,000 per academic quarter, through the Frazier Scholars Fund, for unmet financial needs as determined by the University’s Financial Aid Office. The Frazier Scholars program also helps students pay for college by facilitating relevant work experiences in Frazier connected companies. 

How we help careers:  Our Frazier network of professionals share time, expertise, and connections with Scholars in the program. We work with our Scholars based upon individual interests and needs using an asset-based approach, focusing on the strengths and talents of students.  Participation builds students’ confidence, professional skills and social capital. Helping students build their professional networks and securing internships and micro-internships are key components of the Frazier Scholars program.

Frazier Scholars that participate in multiple career support services will receive a noteworthy status of merit, the Distinguished Scholar Award. This designation on a student’s resume will convey quality career preparation and relevant work experience, which are extremely important in a competitive job market.

Who we serve: The Frazier Scholars program prioritizes underrepresented racial minorities and students who experienced the foster care system or unstable housing as minors.  We are currently partnering with the University of Washington.  Frazier Scholars@UW supports juniors and seniors in the Foster School of Business or majoring in Economics who are part of the Champions Program and/or the Brotherhood Initiative.

History: The Frazier family, established the Frazier Scholars program to create opportunities for young people who  lack resources and connections. Alan Frazier is the founder of Frazier Healthcare Partners, one of the country’s largest private capital funds devoted to healthcare, and East Seattle Partners, a family operated investment firm. Alan brings decades of company-building experience, a vast network of business leaders, and a passion for supporting our local and regional communities. Frazier Scholars is a program of the  East Seattle Foundation. 

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