Our mission

East Seattle Foundation funds organizations working to change the status quo.

Our focus is on supporting people and programs taking innovative and measurable approaches to persistent issues in the areas of social well-being, health and education. Through our gifts of time, money and experience, we are committed to investing in ideas that challenge conventional thinking and have the potential to make a real difference in our communities.

We Believe

  • The strength of a community can be measured in the well-being of its most vulnerable.
  • Every child deserves a chance at fulfilling his or her potential.
  • A diversity of experiences and perspectives enriches the conversation.
  • Our veterans and their families deserve both thanks and support.
  • Health care saves lives.
  • Education can motivate, empower and inspire.
  • When we work together, we can move mountains.

We Fund Innovators

East Seattle Foundation was established by Alan and Mary Frazier and their family. We support both new and established organizations doing innovative work with the potential to have a lasting, measurable impact. Our goal is to amplify the work of people and organizations tackling societal problems in fresh ways. While our focus is on Washington state, we may contribute to causes and ideas outside our geographic region where we have a personal connection.


Social well-being

Support for foster children and their advocates, adoptive families, military veterans and their families, low income housing initiatives


Palliative care programs, mental health treatment, training for physicians working with the homeless, funding for research into diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis


A variety of out-of-school, summer and college support programs for foster kids, low-income youth, and underrepresented minorities