Strategy: East Seattle Foundation (ESF) actively supports innovative programs and projects in our community that are impactful and measurable. We value creative solutions that challenge conventional thinking. We expect to provide initial funding to our grantees with the goal of the program/project being self-sustaining with a broader support base.

Focus: We focus our grants on programs/projects that support social well-being, education, and health. We prioritize grantees that positively impact communities within Washington State, but we do have the flexibility to also support issues of national importance and in foreign countries.

Support: ESF typically funds program development and capacity building. Grant size and duration (one time or multi-year, up to three years) varies depending on scope of the project and the capacity of the organization.

Eligibility Criteria

Organization Requirements:

  • Is a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption.
  • Aligns with ESF mission, vision and values.
  • Is guided by strong leadership and a diverse and engaged board.
  • Engages in strategic planning to meet programmatic and financial goals.
  • Has a demonstrated track record of success and positive impact in communities.
  • Measures outcomes and makes data-informed decisions.
  • Values reflection and invests in the growth and development of staff.
  • Approaches work with a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.
  • Pursues collective impact through collaborative partnerships.
  • Is financially healthy with well-structured systems for sustainability.

Program/Project Requirements:

  • Is innovative and takes a unique approach to tackling issues.
  • Fits within organization’s core mission and is integrated into organization’s strategic plan.
  • Has measurable and realistic goals with clear intended outcomes.
  • Is designed to address a specific need(s) and reflects current research.
  • Includes data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Is responsive and collaborative, not duplicative.
  • Has adequate staffing resources assigned to achieve success.
  • Includes a sustainability plan for the program/project beyond the life of the grant.

Limitations: Requests for the following are not considered

  • Capital campaigns, fundraising or recognition events.
  • New construction or other large capital asset expenditures.
  • Political activities or organizations intended to influence elections, political candidates or political campaigns.
  • Religious activities or organizations that promote, proselytize, and/or require adherence to a specific religion.