We are excited to welcome individuals and companies who support the vision of the Frazier Scholars program!

We look for business professionals who share a commitment to equity and inclusion, approach relationships with humility, and find joy in sharing “insider” perspectives with our college students. If you are interested in volunteering as a Frazier Scholar Network Professional, we offer a range of opportunities. Our goal is to find what works for your schedule and capitalize on your passion, expertise, and connections.

Industry Expert
Volunteering as an Industry Expert is a great introduction to the Frazier Scholars program because of its flexibility. Industry Experts are available to Scholars on an as-needed basis to share information about your specific industry and job function/role, as well as to share your story of how you got to where you are today and who helped you along the way.  Industry Experts typically support Frazier Scholars over a casual cup of coffee or lunch, a tour of your office, or an informational interview over Zoom.

Time Commitment: 1 hour virtual or in-person with a Scholar, as your schedule permits.

Professional Skills Coach
A Professional Skills Coach advises Scholars on job search strategies.  In this volunteer role, you will share knowledge with Scholars about how to stand out from other applicants.  You will also teach Scholars practical skills to give them a professional edge as they identify positions, submit applications and interview for jobs. This can be achieved through various collaborative activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Sprucing up a Frazier Scholar’s LinkedIn page
  • Creating or editing an existing cover letter/resume/thank you note
  • Preparing for an upcoming interview or conducting mock interviews
  • Guiding a Frazier Scholar through developing and defining their personal marketing plan

Time commitment: 2-5 hours of virtual or in-person coaching per Scholar, on an-as needed basis.

Frazier Scholar Mentor:
Of all the ways to be involved with the Frazier Scholars, being a Mentor requires the highest level of commitment, but is arguably the most rewarding because you have a meaningful impact on the Scholar and inevitability, the business community.  Mentors will be matched with Scholars based on personal history, professional background, and common interests and goals. Once paired with your Scholar, you will check in monthly via phone, virtually, or in-person.  During these touchpoints, you will provide industry insights, share your vast network, and broker appropriate business relationships, so that your Scholar may build his/her own social capital. Frazier Scholars Mentors also provide constructive feedback and offer encouragement to Scholars as they prepare to launch their careers.  Most importantly Mentors become critical references for our Scholars as they seek employment both pre-professional and post-graduation.

Time commitment: Mentor/Mentees meet monthly October through May with option to continue the mentorship throughout the summer and/or the duration of the Scholar’s involvement in the program if mutually agreed upon.

Preparation: To ensure success, we expect Frazier Scholars Mentors to participate in a 90-minute orientation and three 30-minute training modules during the year.

Sponsored Internships and Micro-Internships
Helping our Scholars gain relevant work experience and build their social capital are essential aspects of our support model.  This is why we are committed to ensuring that Frazier Scholars secure internships and micro-internships.  Internships provide learning opportunities to build industry knowledge, professional skills, and networks.  Micro-internships offer similar benefits, though they have a more flexible timeframe and smaller in scope.  Micro-internships are defined as short-term paid professional assignments, often focused a singular 10-40 hour project.

If your company can support Scholars by offering these types of real-world work experiences, we help facilitate the process.  Our staff conducts initial screenings on all potential Frazier Scholar interns/part-time employees and makes recommendations to host companies based upon fit and the opportunity to add value to all parties involved. (Host will interview and screen each applicant and to follow their internal human resources protocols). To ensure success, we expect host companies to adhere to best practices related to employing college students outlined by the Career and Internship Center at University of Washington. Additionally, we request that hosts keep an open line of communication with Frazier Scholars staff about the progress of the internship/employment experience so that we can provide comprehensive support to our Scholars.

Time Commitment: Internships- 2-3 months during the summer. Micro-internships typically range from 10-40 hours over an academic quarter but may be extended if mutually agreed upon.

Email frazierscholars@eastseattlefoundation.com to get involved and start your journey as a Frazier Scholar Network Professional!

If you are interested in helping our program in ways not listed above, please contact us. The program accepts professional services donations and invites individuals to fiscally sponsors internships.